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Party Potato Salad

sam_3104Author: Cassie Stevens

My daughter has recently turned two years old. I threw her a big party. I wanted to make as much as I could myself. I took on a potato salad for the first time. It was blog worthy and a huge success at the party. I started by looking up some recipes on line to see what my basic ingredients were. I found one I liked and I referred to it for ingredients not necessarily amounts.

I started by dicing up my potatoes (about 5 -6 Cups). I used Red skin potatoes. I boiled the potatoes until softened but still able to hold their shape. I let them cool overnight in the refrigerator.

The next morning I added 3 hard boiled eggs that I mashed with a fork. Then I added 1 1/2 cups Mayo to my mixer followed by 2 good tablespoons yellow mustard, 1 teaspoon sugar, 1 tablespoon garlic powder, 2 tablespoons dried parsley, about 6-8 sweet gherkin pickles diced, salt and pepper, 2 tablespoons vinegar, 1/2 cup chopped onion Mix up and add to potatoes and eggs.

Refrigerate 2 hours. Serve cold.

Potato Salad Recipe

5-6 cups diced red potatoes

1/2 cup diced red onions

1 tablespoon Garlic powder

2 tablespoons yellow mustard

2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

6 – 8 mini sweet gherkin Pickles diced

2 tablespoons dried parsley

1 1/2 cup Mayo

3 hard boiled eggs (Mashed)

salt and pepper to taste

1 tsp sugar

Mix your dressing ingredients together then toss lightly in potatoes.