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First let me start, by thanking you for visiting Pen Pals and Cookin’ Gals.  I hope you will enjoy all our delicious recipes, and share in our experiences along the way.  This blog is maintained by my cousin Veronica and I.  We are miles apart from each other but, we still keep a close friendship. Her and I are a lot alike.  We share a lot of the same interest, morals, family values, and strong-minded beliefs. We come from a very big family, just from both our father’s sides.

I am a stay-at-home wife and mother.  I have a two year old daughter and a ten year old step-daughter.  I have a passion for cooking and baking.  I have cooked and baked since the age of seven.   I absolutely, love to cook and, I love to feed people.  I am happiest when I see others love my food, and can’t get enough.  I’m always willing to try new  tastes and, I will never give up until I succeed.  I can only hope to instill the same passions in my children as was done for me by my mother, father and grandmother.  I come from a lot of different heritages that influence my tastes.  German, Irish, Creole, and Cherokee Indian.  Other influences I have acquired are Italian (who doesn’t love Italian food), Spanish , and Asian.

I enjoy learning new dishes and their origins.  I am an experienced baker and a cake decorator. I love food, and I’m not afraid to cook it! . I am always teaching myself new ways to be inventive and frugal.  I am learning to eat and cook healthier unprocessed foods for my family  I am a true “Foodie.”

So, I invite you to join Veronica and I as we share our recipe trials and wonderful experiences of real food, good family and fun times.  Bon Appetite!!


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