Maple Caramel Bread Pudding


Author: Cassie Stevens

Oh yeah, you heard me right! Maple Caramel Bread Pudding! Crispy sweet maple top, and a ooey gooey caramel pudding bottom. It’s a round trip to heaven for your taste buds. If your like me, you are picky about your bread pudding.  It can’t be soggy, or runny, it has to have a little bit of crunch to it, and it must be sweet. I came across this recipe for bread pudding and really liked it. So of course, I changed a few things to make it my own. I didn’t have any Nutmeg so I used Cinnamon. I also made my own basic white bread, and of course I added a maple syrup glaze to top it off.

So here is my recipe for the best bread pudding!

3 cups Heavy cream

8 Eggs

1 1/2 cups Whole milk

2 1/2 tsp Vanilla

1 tsp Cinnamon

3 Tbsp Sugar

1 cup Brown sugar (packed)

6-8 cups cubed stale bread


Take the brown sugar and spread it in the bottom of your pan. You want enough to evenly cover the bottom of your pan.  Next add the cubed bread pieces on top of the brown sugar bottom. In a separate bowl  mix the milk, cream, sugar, eggs, vanilla, cinnamon, and sugar. Pour gently on top of the bread pieces. Let it sit for 30 minutes. Push down on the bread every so often, to make sure every piece gets some of the creamy mixture. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Bake for an hour to hour and 15 minutes. As, soon as it comes out of the oven drizzle maple syrup over the top. Let rest and cool for 20 minutes. Serve and Enjoy!

Do you love bread pudding? Tell me how this turns out for you!


8 thoughts on “Maple Caramel Bread Pudding”

      1. I did and I used plain Greek yogurt to replace part of the cream (only a cup of yogurt though)! I thought it was delish, though maybe actually could have used more sugar–I should have packed it more diligently! 🙂


    1. I learned a new word today! Did you mean pareve or parve (without dairy or meat)? Some Google searching helped me find that the cream in cream-based dishes can be substituted with almond, soy, rice, and other plant-based milks. There is also a new product out called MimicCreme ( that is a nut-based cream substitute. If you try it, let us know how it turned out! ~Veronica


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