An Easter Story & Treats

Author: Cassie Stevens

I know I’m a little late posting my about my Easter. But with the beginning of every month comes the paying the  bills, running errands and all the other responsibilities that go with that. I hope everyone had a wonderful and memorable Easter.  I know we did.  We almost missed the Easter bunny (funny story).  I looked up on-line when my town was doing their Easter egg hunt this year, and I found out that it was at the county courthouse on the front lawn. The posting I found said March 30, 2013 at  one o’clock for the Easter egg hunt ages 0-12 and the Easter bunny would be there to take pictures for only three dollars.  I was thrilled. I wrote it on the calendar so I wouldn’t forget.  I had already got my one year old an Easter dress, we just needed to find the right shoes to go with her outfit. I went to three different stores and drove all around town before we found the right ones. OK set, ready for the Easter bunny pictures tomorrow.

So Saturday comes and we get ready to go, get all loaded in the car, head on out to the courthouse.  When we get there it’s a ghost town. Nobody is around. I was a little early but I expected a few people to be there already. I had seen a sign in one of the overflow parking lots that said “temporary courthouse parking”.  So then I thought I missed it.  I was so mad. SO MAD! I went through all that trouble for the stupid Easter bunny pictures and got nothing for it. My daughter is too young to know any different, but if she wasn’t… oh would I have a mess on my hands. So I decided to go to the police station just around the corner and ask them they would know what’s going on for sure.  I got there and rang the clerk on duty. She told me that there were three today; one was at 10:30 and another was at 11:00 and the last was at 1:00 but it was in the next town over which was about an hour drive from us.  So again, I left disappointed and upset that I wasn’t more on top of these kind of things.  I should have called to make sure where they were the day before. I shouldn’t have trusted a stupid posting on some web site I knew nothing about. Live and learn.  So I decided to go about my business and get a few items I needed for Easter dinner on Sunday.

On the way to the grocery store I decided I wasn’t going to let the day go totally to waste. After all my daughter looked so gorgeous in her Easter  dress. I decided to take a few pictures of her in front of some really pretty flowers. Just get some good pictures of her in her outfit, and I knew just the place.  I went to the Christmas place (were it’s Christmas all year round). I knew they had some really pretty flowers and backdrops we could photograph and take some great Easter pictures. So we walked around for a bit snapping photos and just having fun in the sun.


I looked across the street and saw The Inn at The Christmas Place, which is a hotel were it is Christmas all the time. Well, I saw that there was a beautiful waterfall and some ducks and more pretty flowers on the other side of the street. So we loaded up  in the car and drove across the street to take more pictures.  As we were driving past, I noticed Easter eggs all over the front lawn and the side lawn.

Then, I noticed a very small sign that read “Easter egg hunt”.  I thought for a second, we were in luck. So we went to investigate. We took the long way around so we could play with the eggs first. We went around the side lawn and got to snap a few pictures all by ourselves picking up Easter eggs (which we put back) and just having a good ol’ time.


As we made our way around the front of the hotel, I saw even more egg hunt sites that were sectioned off for different age groups. I asked the manager I saw walking around about the Easter egg hunt.  She told me the Easter egg hunt was at four o’clock (it was three) and it was for the guests of the hotel only and I would have to go to the front desk to get a voucher. She had also mentioned the Easter Bunny would be there to take pictures until about four thirty or so.

YAY!!! I finally found him! I was so excited I was going to wait around for him and take a few more pictures while we waited.  I turned on my camera and it shut off. I turned it back on and it said insufficient battery and shut itself back off.  NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! My battery is dead. I was going to get my pictures if it was going to kill me! Especially since I had the opportunity to do so.  I got us loaded back into the car and raced home (I only lived about ten minutes away).  Charged my camera for about thirty minutes and rushed back. I made it back right at four o’clock. When I am determined I will get it done and on time. We got back there, snapped a few pictures (as quick as we could before she started to cry) and success! I got pictures of my daughter with the Easter bunny. I was happy. Whew!! what a day! Time to go home and get ready for Easter dinner.


Now for the treats:

I have seen a few ideas on-line for some awesome Easter treats ideas. I liked a few and wanted to try them out on my Family this year and see what the kids thought.

I found a cute idea for deviled Easter eggs that look like chicks from this site


I found cute Easter Egg Basket cupcakes from this site


Plus I made a few of my own.  I also made a cake with the leftover cupcake batter. All the icing is homemade.


I hope you had as much fun as we did! Happy Easter! looking forward to doing it again next year!


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