April Fools Fun!

Author: Veronica Hilliard

For April 1st, April Fools Day, I wanted to make sure to do something tricky, but nice, to my family. Too often April Fools is some excuse for people to do mean and nasty things to each other. I really dislike that side of it. But it’s also a way to have some fun with your family and I am ALL about that! I found a few ideas online about switching dinner for dessert so what’s better than cupcakes for dessert and dessert first?!

Gotcha! My cupcakes were meatloaf with mashed potato frosting! I wanted to make sure I packed these full of veggies so that I wouldn’t ruin the moment with a big piece of broccoli next to it or something. It didn’t make them look yummy but they sure tasted spectacular!



Meatloaf Recipe:

1 small onion (chopped)

1 bell pepper (chopped)

1 – 2 carrots (shredded)

1 lb ground beef

1/2 to 1 cup bread crumbs

1 egg

A big squirt of ketchup

Sautee onion, pepper, and carrots until soft. Add to ground beef and bread crumbs. Add egg and mix. Squirt a bunch of ketchup in there until it’s well moistened. Fill muffin cups with the mixture and bake about 15 to 20 minutes at 375 degrees F.

The “frosting” is instant mashed potatoes with a few drops of food coloring. I rarely use instant mashed but it was really perfect for the smooth look of the “frosting.”


Pretty, huh?


And for dinner, same thing, right? Wrong…


For “dinner” we had chocolate rice krispy treat meatloaf, ice cream mashed potatoes with caramel gravy and a Starburst candy butter pat, and cut up Starburst for carrots and corn. Tricky mommy!

We had so much fun fooling my oldest (3.5 years old). Did you play any clever (nice) tricks?


2 thoughts on “April Fools Fun!”

  1. What a fun idea. I love the pictures. They look like what they were supposed to be. I’m totally impresssed. I might just have to do this next year!


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